the African education system has dangeriously stayed post-colonial (irrelevant)

kitchen..or below the glass dinner table set up

The world of work is currently out of sync with the world of education, meaning young people don’t have the skills needed to get jobs.” Dominic Barton, global managing director of McKinsey & Company.

i don’t know why this comes as a surprise to the Dominic Barton, global managing director of McKinsey & Company. but their article struck me as 5years too late.The topic which was on how young people don’t possess the right skills for this century is a problem i saw back in 2nd year… the only University that cures this problem in Kenya is USIU and the only one in Tanzania is Univeristy of Dar-es-salaam. There is no ERASMUS proggramme in Kenyan varsitities and the children are comfortable coming out generic .Thing is, its not really an education if ure not doing any research or going out of your way to learn then be ‘analytical’. The greatest problem isn’t that we have a problem ,its that the subjects don’t even know they are going through it. we cant be going through ‘post colonial’ degree blue prints in a post-post colonial environment and expect to have cutting edge thinking enough to earn Africa its rightful position as a global player. where do we start to remedy this? do industry projections for where we want African business to be in 10 years and then develop an education system against that. I respect the MIT idea of learning; apprenticeships and travelling to companies that are leading in their sectors to have ‘a hands on experience’.

lastly ?

” In the short-term, some companies are already beginning to address the problem, through business-led initiatives such as Working for YOUTH and Think Forward, and through other initiatives such as technical universities and apprenticeship program mes. “ this idea is kitchen..or below the glass dinner table set up5 years too late! ? IRRELEVANT. Any new ones?

Love, Light and Exposure !


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