The 10 things you must do before you clock 30!

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Good day are you ?
Hmm today I’m gonna blog about something close to my heart…. Yes I will . the 10 things every woman must know and do by 30 fashion wise . Yes.i will ! no beating around the bush .straight to it. For all those that say this sounds vain, try and remember the last time u got taken seriously….. no, u don’t? okay listen up!

1- Know your body – are u a pear, an apple? , etc
This means going out to and finding this information and then Eating according to your body and designing your wardrobe template around that blue print. Some girls have wider shoulders than their hips and still insist on wearing a vertically stripped top (white and black) and blue tights. What that does is make you look unpropotional .while some wear very short figure hugging dresses that show off more faux than ‘ahhhh’ . they end up looking very indecent and the cellulite has never been known to be sexy-its not happening this century so give it up already.

2- Know the shape of your face

Yes this is important so you are able to work out what hair style and jewelry goes with you r face. I have seen a lot of women work dreads on a heart shaped face and fallen face flat. What this knowledge does is help give u a working start to whats workable for your face and whats not.This further allows you to work at a look ;a personal one that works for you. Personally I have an oval face and a very soft hair line combined with long but soft I go for a track and sow look (ladies know what that is ) and then always keep my hair line looking freshly permed. .shapeYour skin308646_10150418351035985_384413172_n

3- Know your Bra Size and Your brand.
There is no beating around this ladies- No! not all breasts go well with fabric bras and not all wire enhanced bra’s are bad for you. There are lots of women deceived into thinking Money will buy them a great look. Let me share with you what I know. Without great under garmets you could wear a Van Posen and still not look good. Why ? I know you know the answers. Now you could either go to an official bra shop like ‘secrets’ or ‘victoria Secrets’ and have them deduce that for you or do it yourself. Personally I encourage a test every 6months. Also you need to deduce if your bust sits well with your body or not and then get a bra that works that angle. For some women with really heavy busts you may need to get a bra line that has the padded cap and a nice strong strap that isn’t exaggerated- the point is to remain comfortable, well dressed but not draw attention to them. You can choose from capped bra’s t, fabric bra’s to lace. Personally the last two are for anyone under size 36.past that goddess bra’s work magic for those on the endowed side.
undergarmentsbras and pantiesgood undergarmentsbra under garmentsbra under garmentsbras

Lasenza is a bra line every woman should look out for. They haven’t opened a store (In Kenya) but I know a few ladies who get theirs from a lady who brings them into the country. Victoria Secrets also have great stuff.
My point is, determine your needs according to comfort,your over-all form and then pick a line that works for you. Chances are that line will always (though not forever) have merchandise that works for you.Did someone say ‘Brand Loyalty’?
Lastly, NO ladies your panty lines don’t reek of sexy. We don’t deserve to see them. And you shouldn’t be wearing granny panties. Invest in bikini panties and seamless panties for that awesome look.Again this also is dependent on your bum versus Hip ratio. While we are on that subject,ladies do you know which corsets go with which ball gown and which shape of ‘laced petticoat’ you wear with a floor sweeping ball gown ? There is a reason it looked better on the mannequin than when u brought it home.Learn and buy those peticotes ladies.

corsetstyle peticote

4- Attend an Etiquette Class

Yes Yes Yes

This is why, thank me later! There is an old story I heard. Whenever companies are short listing and cant decide between a good tie, they take them to lunch… I mean the 8 cutlery set type ,have a senior management staff sit in and engage them to square it off. What are they looking for? I’m that’s really’s a no-brainer. Good grooming even about self esteem ,self image and societal interaction makes the difference between personal success in life and…
So, invest in a few classes. This also teach about the art of gifting, entering into a conversation at gathering where you know less than4 people(don’t worry those office events will start coming and ul remember this article ) and even the art of closing a conversation.
If you have time you may want to attend the Opus dei clubs (yes) like Fanusi and Faida that breed such fair crop of citizens.I know I know you are busy. You may also want to invest in a personal trainer.There are quite a few good ones.attending an etiquette class
janet linked in .

That said, they also teach you how to apply make up and how to bring out your true self.Yes, you need two shades of foundation. One for the Outer of your face and the lighter shade for the inner parts of your face (eyes, nose ,brow &upper lip) Screen shot 2010-08-16 at 9.43.23 PM . Let me know if you need referrals.the hair and the etiqueete

5- Know your Temperament

– Yep.Are you a Sanguine,phlegmatic,melancholic,Choleric. How this is relational to clothing? This helps you get out of your closet faster. What im I talking about? I am a Sanguine. That means, I love bright colours,very very bold cuts and im not afraid to try anything new as long as its within the confines of decency. It saves you the hustle of trying to fit in and realizing you are not happy because lets be frank, what you wear is a definition of yourself .If youre not wearing you,its like wearing a totally different personality.This also helps you make decisions that will stick longer. Like what line of work or department works for you. Sending a phlegmatic to sales is like having them relive the cold war.

janet linked in .vz7o1_500photo(4)

6- Develop a wardrobe of classics

This are timeless pieces .The problem with trend? Its all borrowed develop your own habits. I am known for raw silk blouses to the office and all black suits that works for me; very very well I might add. Hair held back and my face looking clear ,all is right with the world for me. This should be a build up of Number one. Knowing ur body size palette and then knowing what cuts work for you. I am very against this pedestrian culture of wearing a trend. Trends are great for shoes and belts and bags but common we all know style and fashion never got married. Style cant be bought. Fashion can.7770289840_59c9855b97_zIMG_9490-600x400stella uzo8230127727_ee78cc442f_o8028394796_8fa304c792_zmarion-cotillard-lbd-topshop-h724

7- Know your skin.

Yes yes yes and NO! yes you need to know if you are oily ,dry or lack moisture. Yes that helps know what skin range works for you. Yes you need to moisturize and tone and scrub and once in a while get a facial and NO you do not need to bust your budget! Knowing your skin is the best ever because il be frank, and business school Mavens can back me on this, how u maintain yourself is often a reflection of how you run things. Skin that’s breaking out isn’t always well taken . Stop smoking and drinking; heavily. How u maintain your skin now will begin to show once you clock 50! Personally I have very sensitive skin (eczema ) and I always have ‘Medivine-S ‘ in my purse anywhere . I always clean my face with wet wipes or a sterilized cotton towel before I check into bed; this opens the pores and I use the Johnsons range to cleanse .NO wearing foundation everyday isn’t the answer to good skin. That said, I endorse Black opal for any crème stick foundation, terracotta is also great. A great finish? Sleek translucent!

liya5sScreenshot20120512at3.36.06PMhair line

Yes ladies there are a science to this too. Save for knowing what style to wear against the shape of your face. Now some relaxers don’t work for some hair. Personally I can’t maintain natural; My natural hair isn’t very workable with. That said, some hair is very brittle and needs a good combination of treatments .Some hair takes to color like white on rice.My rule of thumb, hair is an expression of yourself. Take a little bit more time to go out on the blogs and find out what works for you. I now have 11 inches of hair… thanks some advice I took.. From a blog!
There are many types of weaves. Invest Money in a great Human hair weave and buy a good brand.How to care for your weave and natural hair underneath?


eye brows and nails- it sounds pretty obvious right? Wrong!! Eyebrows cant be shaved clean and no simply threading them wont work. You and I both need to learn to do our eyebrows but first we need to know what shape works for what face shape. See the links below. Here is a link to how to determine the shape your eyebrows should take and here is another one to how to define them every morning. images230004_10152269424160315_585557257_n76251_285453614907537_648561432_n

Nails need care and if you are like me who likes them looking very kempt and meticulous but with little or no time you may want to invest in one of my little secrets. No its not acrylics. And no it wont need a saloonist. I got it on one of my visits to Arusha(Tanzania) where nails are done by men.

last part
10- Create a go to for almost everything and keep updating it .i know who to call when I need meticulous Ghanian braids done, who to go to for a perfect track and sow weave, who to go to for shoes,purses and boots and hand bags.Yes I keep updating it.This means im never stuck in a fix or a rut.




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    1. Thank you Lori. Especially coming from you! After working a while in the corprate and Foreign Service i realised attaining rank informally and formally wasnt a matter of how hard one worked ;it was the ‘Little things’. 🙂 If i had my way ,Finishing School would be a part of a Curriculum . (lol)

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