I have found my purpose career wise.

So if you follow me on twitter you know that half the time ,im talking about myself , my cat, my father or petroleum -in reverse order. A huge chunk of what i talk about revolves around energy concerns in Africa and Latin America and having done my dissertation in corprate social responsibility , i found myself gravitating towards matters to do with petroleum but not the ‘I wonna work for RePower type’…. the ‘i want Africa to sign agreements that favour its economies and its own people.

So i started a conversation on twitter (#GEvGD ) that garnered massive attention on the same and it had people in the same sector joining in.Happening for three nights ,the amount of attention it got and the amount of people that it drew was quite impressive not to say the information exchanged was quite something.

Eventually i went on to meet a friend who got talking about the Shell case in Ogoni land and how three farmers had taken the Royal Dutch shell to court claiming compensation for pollution and loss of livelihood ( i was surprised at how much attention this case this case didn’t garner in Nigeria.). They were a total of 5 cases in which 4 were thrown out but 1 went through .The fact that one case was won was epic ;for me because then i realized the reason God had me reading books such as

  1. Confessions of an economic hit man’, BY John Parker
  2. How Europe under developed africa ‘,
  3. Oil contracts by Open oil
  4. Dead aid by Dambisa Moyo  and a couple of other documents.

the case legal documents can be found here.

In retrospect i look back and i understand my journey. From the UN Internships, to the African Business school work experience that taught me so much about emerging markets and now to petroleum in Africa and how we have been raped so far and robbed of the right to make a proper living 1st by the:

  • shady agreements we sign with them and the shady conventions they sign regards our climate( see the fuel_for_thought  document )
  • The per-Diem culture that has our people more concerned with traveling abroad and getting that per Diem.
  • the excitement at working for bodies such as the United Nations , Gold man Sachs ; the vampire of finance capital (their subsidiaries ) and the World bank who have no good intentions for Africa.
  • the Appointment of leaders based on a system that ensures we don’t get to assess their economic theories of leadership (i mean half of Africa is lagging behind in MDG 2 and we are at 2013..there is no hope)…positivism cannot work where there is no education.Democracy is also the lack of an educated citizenry (think about it).

I am happy now that i know what God was preparing me for and who i am career wise is giving me so much joy and promise.

I am the African Petro- economist. I go out of my way to ensure Africa signs Oil contracts for its benefit economically and  climate wise ,by making sure those in positions of power know what needs to be known about those contracts , the international policies Europe and the West have regards our climate and the issues annexed to it such as the fallacy that is carbon trading , CSR and by making sure the masses are educated about all the above.

Kenya just found oil , and Tanzania and Malawi are already fighting over the Natural gas their both found occurring on their border. Somalia has Oil (yes and we are past the speculation)looking at the Other African countries that have found oil or other minerals, I would say , following our Titanium find ,only Kenya has benefited from its find and I hope for all our sakes i have not spoken too soon.

Signed ,

the African Petro- economist


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