sometimes i get really pissed off about the career choices we have as Kenyans . really? how are you going to be having kids pick archaeology when we have need for pipeline engineers and port engineers , Special economic zone managers , Cyber crime professionals …. and i don’t mean the special crimes unit at the CID .no! we have need for some serious career changes.

il be honest and admit I’m considering a serious careeer change. Yes i am trained at the law but in order for me to serve my country greatly (this nation will not build itself).

the politicians will be voted in but the real work and i mean this with honesty and respect for those running, the real work is in the trenches.

I remember a friend of mine ,trained in mines and oil and gas telling me that when people came to their work place in the mines , they would ask for the Mines inspectorate director because they could tell the difference between the work force and him. He led from the trenches. Today he is the Governor of Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. Mr. Sheikh serves as a Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Petroleum Resources in Nigeria. )
Who is going to run the export processing zones , Oil pipeline and crude oil Export and transport facilities the government is building ? what about the numerous inland container depots the country is in the process of discussing ? The railways are here and so are the ships , and with the widening of the port channels, to accommodate large panamax vessels , the trade volumes will go up. Business will be more automated and a lot of money will come into the country from the investors the people in the trenches are currently very busy sourcing in Asia.Are the banks prepared to handle joint venture finances for organizations like Kenya port authority.. I realize I can’t pen much . My non disclosure clause doesn’t allow me to. This is the reason I mostly look blonde and walk very briskly enjoying the amazing air off the trees in the city , smelling the freshness of what is coming .

Be prepared. Regroup. Restrategize. And redesign your aspirations. Marry them with this nations vision. Pick up new skills. We will need serious careers in this place.

Nb: I think we only have 3 pipeline engineering professionals who can seal the cracks on a working Oil pipeline in this Nation: last i heard in 2016.I hope this is not the current situation and if It is why are our form four leavers still picking university degree choices that have little or no bearing on this nations earmarked growth strategy. There is real work in the trenches to be done.

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