Hello everyone !

its been fa while right? well, to begin with – i have been busy and im in some great great place of transition.(Long beautiful beautiful story).

So allow me to post more write up on Oil woes and energy when i am ready to come back and blog seriously . you know i dont like fickle writing right?


i traveled to the KENGEN Mathioya Hydro-electric Power station;it was a surprise trip where we visited a couple of other hydro-electric power stations in Central province (Kenya). Which prompted me to want to travel and visit African Dams this year. I really want to see this glorious Dams and Oil Rigs in all their grandeur splendor.

Gibe3 which Kenya has already signed a memorandum of Understanding to buy electricity from will be the first.On this one, i hear the Environmental Impact assessment was done 2 years after the commencement of construction of the Dam? Knowing fully well that Ethiopia is a  de facto one-party state, controlled by the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic how ‘transparent and objective’ would this report have been?



And is it true that construction of this dam poses serious potential food security problems  as well as a dip in the water level of Lake Turkana by at least 10metres causing the water to be Undrinkable by local communities?

I support the fact that Ethiopia went East for funding and construction of the dam by enlisting the help of the DongFang Electric Corporation.Dongfang Electric Corporation, signed an agreement worth $459m for Gibe 3. The total cost of the dam is estimated to be $1.8bn (compared with $25bn gross domestic product in 2009). According to Debebe, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China has committed itself to cover 85% of total outlay.The design office at Sinohydro is already working on plans for Gibe 4, also on the Omo.

Well ,It is inconceivable to develop the country without electrical energy. How else can we power the schools, hospitals, businesses and irrigation systems but are we doing it the right way;devoid of a future backlash?

Also i hear most homes in Ethiopia are not connected to power and this Dam’s main purpose will be to earn the nation Foreign country by export of energy- is this the right hierarchy of needs.

In other news, i hear Ethiopia and Egypt are backed against a wall stacked in a diplomatic row with regards to ‘a dam’ that Ethiopia is building over the Nile?

Looking forward to this and other things

. I hear there are geek tours like the one i described organized all year round?

Anyone have a link ?

Love, Light and Exposure.


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