The ‘coastal Affair’…. by Mutua Matheka showcases Mombasa(Kenya’s coastal town) in its real sense. Most of my friends from Nigeria and diaspora who want to come visit dont have the ‘down to earth’….’community sense’ aura idea of the town….and i guess if u are looking for the homely side of Mombasa…then this pictures will help u connect …


I think someone should do a photo exhibition of Mombasa in Lagos and one of Lagos in Nairobi – Cultural diplomacy.And with Kenya solidifying its ties with Nigeria….the Culture is so rich..its not about to go broke anytime soon 🙂

This food reminds me of the awesome Lohi of Lohi’s creations.Now thats some great food and great cultural diplomacy.(&Brand)Click on the link to see her work. Now if only we  had some photography of Kenya&Nigerian food….. Pilau and Jollof, eba/amala and Brown Ugali….. sagaa and Okro soup….. tsk….. and then do a festival…. <this is what coffee does !



Love light and most importantly EXPOSURE..


As the sun set in Mombasa town that evening, 2 ladies and one guy(see how i’m talking about us in 3rd person…cool huh? haha) made their way to this street joint whose name I can’t remember to break fast with the muslims. It was during the holy month of Ramadhan you see. We were so hungry and it was only 5.30 but we agreed to wait because the guy at the food stall said they only start serving after they break the fast at around 6.30pm. We shared a small meal of potato bitings and dates that are put out in the open for anyone to share as they break fast.

That done, we dug into out open flame grilled chicken, street style.

Meet the chef himself…ok, the cook!! (I can’t remember his name)

And the streets of  Mombasa turned it’s lights on as we turned our faces to stuff…

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